Tim Sorrells,
Attorney and Counselor at Law

Specializing in Texas Campaign

and Lobby Law

Tim Sorrells is a 4th generation Texan who served with the Texas Ethics Commission for more than twelve years, culminating in his role as General Counsel. Because of his work at the Commission, Tim has unique insight into compliance matters which enable him to assist clients to avoid problems when they wish to become engaged in the political process, and to clean up problems that may have arisen because of confusion about compliance laws.

Before his work with the Texas Ethics Commission, he spent three years in litigation including time as an assistant attorney general for the Texas Office of the Attorney General and in Caldwell County as an assistant district attorney. Tim began his professional career with Metro Alliance in San Antonio, before working in Governor Richards’ Office of Immigration and Refugee Affairs. As one of the state’s leading experts on political law, Tim’s practice focuses on ethics compliance and counsel for elected officials, candidates for office, political action committees and public entities, as well as publicly held and private enterprises. He also holds a professional certification in petroleum land management from the University of Texas.

Tim has made numerous presentations on campaign, lobby, and ethics laws to elected officials, political committees and politically active groups, professional associations, and others. He has extensive experience monitoring and analyzing legislation, engaging in the drafting of agency rules, and dealing with the public and the press.

He is an honors graduate of Texas State University and The University of Texas School of Law, loves the tropics, and roasts and brews a mean cup of coffee.



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